FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Costum whips

All whips can be made in different variations. You can choose different wood for the handle or a specific finish, or you choose a specific color for the overlay. There are a lot of possibilities to customize your whip.
What's costumizable?
- Wood and finish
- colors and patterns
- length (whip or handle)
- decorations (rings, inlays)


in my whips you will find the usual materials for whipmaking:
550 Paracord
Nylon thread
Hockey tape
bb´s or ballchain
Artificial sinew
Leather for knot foundations
Brass, Stainless steel, spring steel, aluminium, carbon, woods
roo and cow hide for floogers and cat o nines
lacquers, oils and polishes


The whips I build are not intended to harm animals.
I recommend waering safety glasses when using your whip.
For a better longevity, avoid using the whip in wet environments or during rain. Each whip is waxed and to a certain degeree water-resitent, but I recommend using it in dry environments.
Pay attention for a soft underground like grass. Hard surfaces like gravel or concrete, can damage your whip.
Learn to use your whip right, to avoid injuries or damages.
After cracking, clean your whip.
I don't take any responsibility for injuries, that result from mishandling or misuse.


I only ship with DHL. Each package has a insurance and a tracking number, to make sure your order won't get lost.

 The shipping costs consist of the shipping itself and the packaging material. I always ship in boxes and use packing paper for protection inside the box.

The shipping costs are: 

Germany = 8,50€ 

European Union = 20€ 

Great Britain = 30€ normal 40€ Premium for all shipments from 2-5kg

America = (only premium shipping) = 60€ 

For the rest of the world please ask for the individual shipping costs.

Note!!  Please note the import rules and fees for imports in your respective country. I accept no liability for any additional costs incurred! In the event of a return, the buyer bears the costs for the return shipping!


PayPal is the preferred method for buying a whip. It is safe and fast and you do not have to own a Paypal account. Bank transfers are accepted on request.

Delivery times

Whips, that are in stock will be shipped immediately. Costum whips will need longer to make, depending on the availability of materials or demand. Normally, custom-whips ship within 2-3 weeks. If there are longer waiting times, you will be informed right after purchase.
Warranty & returns
I accept returns, when the whip is in the condition, it delivered in. If it has been damaged, returns are not accepted. This applies to all whips, that are in stock. Costum whips can only be returned, when in perfect condition. Also a cancellation fee of 25% is claimed. If a whip should be faulty when it arrives, please get in contact. I do everything to solve this problem. Since this is all handwork, imperfections can occur in rare cases.

Still as a note: All my Bull, Hybrid, Stock and Snake whips are designed for whip cracking!