Hybrid whips have become my favorite type of whip lately. For many, these whips are the best all-rounder. The light weight and the flexibility of the thong make these whips perfect for whip cracking beginners but also for professionals who want to create unusual routines with them. If you are a beginner and don't know which whip is the right one for you, you are well advised to use the performance hybrid whip. I build hybrid whips with carbon and wooden handles and also experiment with aluminum. I DON´T use Pvc for handles!

Carbon handle

5ft hybrid royalblue,neon orange 1
4ft hybrid burgunder,black,white 1
4ft neon hybrid 2

Carbon is a great material for hybrid whip-handles. It is very light, stable and also looks really cool. My carbon hybrids are very easy to crack and true performers

*also available as a matched pair

Wooden handle


Hybrid whips with wooden handles are the elegant performers, if you will.


*also available as a matched pair


on request

Carbon is used as the base for the handles, but I'm also experimenting with aluminum versions to reduce the price

4ft airbrush hybrid 3
6ft hybrid 1
6ft hybrid 3
4ft airbrush hybrid 4